PACSA 2024

Pre-Congress Workshops

Workshop 1:
Paediatric POCUS: Mastering Haemodynamic Instability

This half day workshop will cover FATE in paediatrics, lung ultrasound in paediatrics, volume assessment with ultrasound in paediatrics and E-FAST in paediatric trauma. During this hands-on workshop, each participant will have an opportunity to use ultrasound and complete each of the 4 scanning stations assisted by facilitators.

Dr. Piet Jansen
Prof. Justiaan Swanevelder
Dr. Stephanie Fischer
Prof. Michael Pienaar
Dr. Hennie Smit

Workshop 2:
Paediatric Pain

Join us for a practical integrated paediatric pain workshop, aiming to empower the anaesthetist to employ the best perioperative analgesic strategy. This workshop will use a case-based, patient centered approach, applying aspirational practical solutions concentrating on the paediatric orthopaedic patient.

Dr. Anisa Bhettay
Dr. Nadia du Plessis

Workshop 3:
MEPA: Managing Emergencies in Paediatric Anaesthesia

MEPA aims to equip candidates with strategies for dealing with emergency scenarios in paediatric anaesthesia. You will be taken through your paces in managing various sometimes rare, always life-threatening emergencies in paediatric anaesthesia.

Dr. Nelia Wessels

Workshop 4:
Paediatric Regional Ultrasound

A half-day workshop for both novices and advanced providers with practical advice from international experts.
This workshop will include practical sessions such as knobology, needling techniques on animal models and scanning of paediatric patients.

Dr. Leoni de Man
Dr. Vrushali Ponde
Dr. Dean Nolte