PACSA 2024

Call for Abstracts

POSTER and CASE Study abstracts of research results in all disciplines of Paediatrics Anaesthesia are requested for submission for the forthcoming PACSA Congress. Abstracts will be peer reviewed for scientific content and authors will be informed if the POSTER / CASE STUDY abstract is accepted for presentation a the 2024 Congress.

Theme for the congress:
Rainbow Resilience

Deadline for abstract submission:
7 August 2024

Only POSTER / CASE STUDY Presentation will be accepted for presentation.

Guidelines for submissions:
  1. Only abstracts submitted electronically will be considered for inclusion in the programme.
  2. Abstracts must be in English.
  3. All abstracts received will be acknowledged, and authors will be sent acceptance or rejection letters by 30 August 2024.
  4. Conflict of interest: If the research is funded (partially or fully) by a proprietary organisation, statement to that effect must be included at the bottom of the abstract.
  5. Please note that no more than three submissions will be allowed per presenter.
  6. It remains the responsibility of the main author to ensure that submitted abstracts have been edited before submission to minimise errors in the programme.
  7. Presenting authors are requested to fully register for the congress. Failure to register by presenting authors by 8 October 2024 will automatically imply that the abstract neither will be included in the Final Programme nor be printed in the abstract book.
Instructions to authors

Each abstract must clearly state the following:

  1. Abstract title
  2. Name and list of authors(s).
  3. The name of the presenting author must appear first in the list of authors.
  4. Affiliations of author(s)
  5. Contact details of first presenting author (telephone numbers, e-mail address, etc)
  6. Preferred format of presentation (oral or poster)
  7. Abstracts must be typed in English, single line spacing, Arial font, font size 12.
  8. The body of the text must not exceed 300 words (this is excluding the information listed in point 1,2,4,5).
  9. The abstract must adhere to the following format:
    1. Introduction: should be brief and informative and state the aim of the study.
    2. Methods: include description of subjects/equipment and research methodology.
    3. Results: outline the findings of the study supported by statistics as appropriate.
    4. Conclusion: a summary of the study result.
    Do not use figures, graphs, or tables in the abstract. The data provided must be sufficient to permit peer review of the abstract.
Poster presentation

Details regarding poster exhibition presentation will be confirmed with acceptance of posters.

All accepted abstracts will be published in the abstract book without further editing.

Abstracts that do not adhere to the specified format will not be included in the publication.

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For any enquiries regarding submission of abstracts, please direct an e-mail to:

Contact Person: Dr Nelia Wessels